Otter Surveys

OttersOtters are protected under European law. Developing a site containing or adjacent to waterbodies (particularly rivers and streams) could potentially affect otters. Numbers are now increasing after years of decline following a population crash between 1950s and 70s a population crash in otters occurred. This is considered to have been mainly due to the detrimental effects of certain organochlorine pesticides. After changes in pesticide usage numbers have slowly increased and otters are gradually expanding back into their previous ranges. Because otters do not travel great distances and have a fairly low breeding rate the expansion has been slow. Despite this, they are being found increasingly in more and more rivers and streams. Green Shoots Ecology can assess your site for suitability for otters. If the site is suitable, we can carry out full surveys and provide advice on how to mitigate for impact or avoid impact on any otter populations that might be present.

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