Badger Surveys

Badger sett holeBadgers can be found in both rural and urban areas and are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. It is illegal to disturb their setts, but also illegal to carry out certain activities close to their setts. For instance it is generally illegal to use heavy machinery within 30m of a sett (even if the sett is outside your site) without prior mitigation and licensing. Activities which might result in loss of a large area of foraging habitat or which obstruct a sett are also likely to be illegal.

Green Shoots Ecology can survey for badgers and advise on how best to resolve any badger issues on site. These surveys can generally be carried out to some extent throughout the year. Despite this, some specific types of badger survey are more effective at certain times of year. To avoid potential delays it is best to get advice at an early stage to avoid potential delays.

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