Preliminary Ecological Assessment

Green Shoots Ecologists are experienced in producing clear reports on time for planning applications. These include practical advice and sensible recommendations. When we recommend further surveying in a report you can be sure that it is included because you will need the survey results to progress your planning application. Being a small company, we can pass our low overheads onto you, the client – so our rates are highly competitive. We also provide a personal approach, so you can contact us any time with queries regarding your site.

Before granting planning permission, councils usually require an ecological survey of the proposed development site so they can assess any potential ecological issues. For most sites, a Preliminary Ecological Assessment (also called an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey) would be required. This type of survey is produced in a standard format and provides planning authorities with all relevant ecological information. Our ecologists’ survey reports have helped many clients obtain the planning permission they needed.

Information required by planning authorities includes:

  • A data search of biological records – this identifies any records of protected species close to the site as well as any protected habitats nearby. This enables a more accurate assessment of the likelihood of protected species occurring on site.
  • A map showing habitats on site – this shows specific areas where issues might arise.
  • Descriptions of habitats on site, including notification of any invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed.
  • Recommendations for any further surveying if required, i.e. for specific protected species such as reptiles, bats, etc.

Green Shoots Ecology will liaise on behalf of the client with Planning Authorities where appropriate (at no extra cost).

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