Planning & Ecology

Planning and EcologyTo gain planning permission, most planning applications will need an up to date ecological survey of the site. Local authorities have responsibility under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (NERC) and Planning Policy to protect and preserve biodiversity. Because of this, protected species and other ecological issues are a material consideration in the planning process. Local authorities must ensure all ecological issues are resolved and examined before planning permission can be granted or determined.

The main ecological survey used for planning applications is an Extended Phase 1 Survey – we can provide one of these for you for at an extremely competitive price. For a site with low ecological interest a simple Scoping Survey may be sufficient – this would take the form of a letter describing the site and making any necessary recommendations. In addition our service for both types of survey includes free direct liaison with the council regarding ecological matters if you require. Discussion with the council about their requirements ensures they receive exactly the information they need to make their planning decision. This helps the process to run smoothly.

Many surveys are only possible at certain times of year so it makes sense to appoint an ecological consultant early on in the planning or development process. This will minimise delays and subsequent expense by ensuring surveys are planned to avoid missing key survey periods.

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